Ovaltine and our ethically sourced Cocoa

Ovaltine and UTZ

We all want to know that our favourite drink has been produced with respect to people and the environment. That’s why we buy UTZ certified cocoa for our Ovaltine products.

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When did UTZ start?

In the 1990s two business partners, Nick Bocklandt a Belgian-Guatemalan coffee grower and Ward de Groote a Dutch coffee roaster, initiated the idea of the UTZ program.

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How can I support UTZ?

Supporting businesses that are involved with UTZ Certified.

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Ovaltine and the International Cocoa Initiative

We are proud to be a Contributing Partner of the International Cocoa Initiative

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Ovaltine And Ethical Sourcing

Find out more about our Ethical Sourcing Programme for all other products and ingredients in our supply chain

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